After 11 weeks of decline, Covid cases see 7.5% surge
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Fresh Covid-19 cases in India registered a week-on-week rise for the first time in 12 weeks since the peak of the second wave in early May, in what could be an early sign of another pandemic spike in the country. Currently, however, the surge is mainly restricted to Kerala and, to a much lesser degree, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

India recorded just over 2.86 lakh new cases in the current week ended Sunday (July 26-August 1), a 7.5% rise from the previous week’s tally of 2.66 lakh. Weekly cases in the country have registered a rise for the first time since May 3-9, when the second wave peaked. The fall in cases had continued till last week, even though the decline had slowed to 1.4%.

Kerala, the current epicentre of the pandemic in India, logged close to 1.4 lakh cases in the present week, a 26.5% increase from the previous week’s tally of 1.1 lakh. The state accounted for nearly half (49%) of all new cases in the country in the last seven days, with a daily average of 20,000 new cases. Kerala posted 20,728 cases on Sunday, the sixth straight day that the daily count had stayed over 20,000.

Karnataka recorded a 17.3% increase in new cases as compared to the previous week, although the rise hasn’t been much in absolute numbers. Karnataka reported 12,442 cases in the current week as opposed to 10,610 in the previous seven days. In Tamil Nadu, the weekly case count remained the same as in the previous week — 13,090 cases as compared with 13,095 in the previous week.

Maharashtra’s weekly numbers declined by 6.2%, following a 10% dip in the previous week. The state recorded 45,272 new cases this week as compared with 48,253 in the previous one. Numbers in the northeast, another region that has seen a spike, appeared to have declined this week. For the sixth day running, India recorded over 40,000 fresh cases on Sunday. There were 418 deaths reported on the day.