After 5 decades, doctors may get a cadre like IAS, IPS
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More than 5 decades after a recommendation by the Central Government, India might have an All India Medical Service Cadre similar to IAS or IPS. In 1961, the Health Survey and Planning Committee or Mudaliar Committee had recommended setting an All India Medical Service cadre under All India Service Act 1951 like the IAS or IPS. It observed that three interlinked areas- provisioning of adequate preventive and curative medical care, training of medical and paramedical personnel; and those for dental care and research and a coordinated programme of action between centre and states could provide "satisfactory and speedy results".

Since health is more of a state matter, the Central government has written to the various states asking for their opinion. A June 9 letter, stated that doctors of the Central Health Service doctors have never worked in the rural areas like IAS, IPS and creating this cadre could bridge that gap. The existing Central Health Services are often restricted to Delhi postings or to central government institutions in the states and do not do enough to familiarise doctors with rural health or how public health is delivered through the various tiers of the health system like how the IAS or IPS officers receive training in Mussoorie followed by their postings to rural districts. Thus, such steps, when implemented would revamp the healthcare system.

Source: TOI
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At last we will be governed by some qualified people from our own faculty who can understand the problems of medical field rather than the insensitive revenue cader
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Good medical faculty should be planned ad administed by medical person
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I agree withcomments made by Dr Ashok
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