'Age, unpreparedness not valid grounds for abortion': Bombay
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Bombay High Court on Tuesday (8 July) denied permission to a 38-year-old married woman to medically terminate her pregnancy holding that her advanced age or her unpreparedness for the pregnancy was not valid legal grounds for such termination.

May 18: Her sonography revealed she was 18 weeks pregnant.
July 15: Filed her plea seeking permission to terminate the pregnancy

The woman told HC she approached it late due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown. The petitioner said she was mentally unprepared for the pregnancy, her financial situation too was not adequate to raise a child, and considering her "advanced age" she is permitted to undergo an abortion.

High Court Held:

Despite the observations in the sonography report, the petitioner has filed this petition only on 15th June, i.e, after the expiry of the statutory limit of 20 weeks for termination of pregnancy.

Given reasons for medical termination of pregnancy are beyond the statutory limit. According to HC, below are not valid grounds for termination of pregnancy under the said Act:

~ Women and her family are in no condition financially
~ She would be of an advanced age of 39 years and
~ Not mentally prepared to be a mother

Petitioner, in this case, did not have any legal grounds to seek relief.

Source: https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/law-order/1120852-bombay-hc-denies-nod-for-abortion-to-38-year-old-woman
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