Aggressive angiomyxoma of the uterine corpus: A rare present
Aggressive angiomyxoma (AA) is a rare benign soft tissue tumor affecting the female pelvis and perineum and is a benign, nonmetastatic but vascular, infiltrative, and high local recurrence, hence the name “aggressive.”

Predominantly, the tumor occurs in women of reproductive age, but may be seen in adolescents and the elderly. Less commonly, it may be seen in males involving the inguinoscrotal area and perineum with a female: male ratio of 6:1. The tumor has estrogen and progesterone receptors and may respond to hormone manipulation.

This is a case report of a 16-year-old secondary school student, who was a single nullipara. Her last menstrual period was on June 18, 2016. She presented to the gynecological outpatient department as a referred case from a peripheral center with vaginal protrusion at menarche a year prior to presentation.

There was an obvious mass protruding through the vaginal introitus; it was hyperemic with some areas of necrosis and foul smelling discharge. It measured about 16 × 15 × 10 centimeters. Further examination was impossible due to tenderness and contact bleeding. An assessment of a suspected case of sarcoma botryoides was made.

Intra-operative findings revealed a uterine mass that destroyed the lower uterine segment and detached the cervix from the uterus. There was a small portion of the uterine fundus that was held by the Fallopian tube More Detailss and round ligament. The mass pulled the uterus through the detached cervical os.

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