Aggressive vertebral hemangioma causing progressive parapare
Vertebral hemangioma is a benign vascular lesion that may onset with neurologic symptoms due to spinal cord compression by epidural extension. Surgical procedure, embolization and radiotherapy are the gold standard for the treatment of this disease.

Published in the Annals of Medicine and Surgery, the authors present a case of an 84 years old woman admitted with worsening paraparesis and urinary retention. Her magnetic resonance images (MRI) showed a lesion involving both anterior and posterior vertebral element of D5, with extension into epidural space and spinal cord compression.

The patient was operated for laminectomy and epidural lesion removal. Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of cavernous hemangioma.

Case Highlights
• Rare cases of aggressive vertebral hemangioma.
• Clinical presentation with rapid worsening of neurological functions.
• Surgery without stabilization.
• Typical histological finding.

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