Ahmedabad doctor abducted, assaulted and forced to make conf
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An anaesthetist was on Wednesday night abducted from Navkar Maternity Hospital near Shreyas flyover after being assaulted by five persons following death of a pregnant woman who had delivered a child there. He was made to confess, at knife point and on camera, that the doctor who had done the Caesarean section on the woman was responsible for her death. He was later released at Narol Circle.

Dr Kalpesh Nakum (35), a resident of Venus Parkland near Vejalpur police station, has filed a police complaint that he was abducted and taken to Narol via Parimal Garden, Bhudarpura, Mahalaxmi Crossroads, Jamalpur Bridge and Behrampura Police Chowky. One of the five abductors forced him to give false confession on camera.

On Wednesday Nakum had received a call of an urgent C-section at Navkar Hospital from his colleague Dr Darshan and he had rushed to the hospital. Chief gynaecologist Dr Dharmishta Shah had asked him to give anesthesia to patient Ruksharbanu Sohilkhan Pathan (29) for an urgent caesarean operation. He administered spinal anesthesia that renders the lower body unconscious.

Dr Dharmishta then performed the operation in Nakum's presence, and the patient delivered a baby girl. However, the delivery led to excessive bleeding and the hospital after informing the relatives called 108 to rush her to VS Hospital.

Both Nakum and Dharmishta Shah, along with two nurses, accompanied Ruksharbanu to VS Hospital along with relatives of the patient. At 8pm on Wednesday, Nakum, Shah and the nurses returned to the hospital.

Around 9.30pm Dr Nakum heard a commotion at the reception of Navkar Hospital and three persons in their 20s caught him and dragged him out of the hospital while ransacking the office, breaking the telephone and other furniture. They grabbed his phone and switched it off.

The abductors informed him that their sister-in-law had died and then forced him at knife point to confess that the doctor who conducted the C-section had blundered. He was also asked to confess that she had offered him Rs 10,000 to bury the case. He was then warned that he must stick to his confessions made on video or else he and his family members will be killed.

Speaking to Mirror, Dr Kalpesh Nakum, who is being treated at Chintan Hospital in Jivraj Park, said, "After accompanying the patient to SVP hospital, I returned to Navkar Hospital for another operation. Earlier, at SVP I could hear a relative of the patient threatening to kill everyone. Around 9-9.30 pm, I was assaulted and shoved into a car."

When asked if he could ascertain the identity of the persons who kidnapped him, Dr Nakum said, "There were total five persons. They threatened to kill me by showing me a knife. They snatched my phone and switched it off. They forced me to give false video confession against the surgeon. I pleaded with them that my role was limited to administering anaesthesia and I was not aware about anything else, but they did not pay heed to it. All of them were addressing the woman as their 'bhabhi' and were talking in Hindi and Gujarati."

Dr Nakum suffered injuries in his left eye and chest region. He said, "Currently, I can see only through my right eye. I feel drained and distressed from mental and physical torture."

Dr Mehul Maskaria, who's treating Dr Nakum, said, "His retina has been badly damaged. He will take at least six weeks to recover. He has also received injuries on his chest. We will discharge him in couple of days."

Taking cognisance of the complaint, police booked a case of assault and kidnapping against unknown persons under IPC sections 323 and 365 respectively.

“We have not arrested anyone in this matter yet. The doctor has said that seven persons claiming to be relatives of the deceased woman were part of it. They are yet to be identified,” said a police officer at Ellis Bridge station.

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PPH has always been obstetricians' nightmare, more so when it is atonic. Every obstetrician must take care to intimate the blood bank (may be by using BB3 form ie blood requisition form) especially in potentially risky cases, and wherever possible, even otherwise. This caution does not mean that obstetricians are responsible for atonic PPH. This situation, however, is not a licence for violent attacks on doctors; the culprits must be subjected to the legal process as soon ss possible and should not be easily released on bail; this is the least expectation.... Read more
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