Ahmedabad surgeon performs India's 1st robotic surgery
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A unique robotic surgical procedure using the da Vinci surgical robot, said to be the first of its kind performed in India and third in the world, was recently performed by a doctor at Sterling Hospitals on a 37-year old patient to relieve him of acute pain caused by a rare condition of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome.

Gastro intestinal surgeon Dr. Apurva Vyas successfully performed the procedure on the patient whose weight was 60 kilograms, much below the normal weight of a person his height of 185 cm.

"Using a four-armed surgical robot, I was able to reach the root of the celiac artery where human fingers could not. The three-dimensional high definition view magnified the artery multi-fold to help me achieve precision that prevented collateral damage to healthy tissue, arteries and nerves," says Dr. Apurva Vyas who started using robotic surgery in Ahmedabad in 2016.

Currently, the da Vinci Robotic Surgery Systems in Western India are available in: Ahmedabad - HCG Hospital, Kidney Disease Research Center and Sterling Hospital; Indore - Mohak Hospital; Mumbai - Jaslok Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Asian Cancer Institute Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Sir HN Reliance Memorial Hospital and Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital; Nadiad - Mulji Bhai Patel Urological Hospital; Nagpur - Seven Star Hospital

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