Air-polishing with erythritol powder followed by ultrasonic
Air-polishing followed by ultrasonic calculus removal helps in short-term resolution of gingivitis, reveals this study.

The study evaluates the clinical efficacy in the short-term resolution of gingivitis of a novel protocol involving full-mouth erythritol-powder air-polishing followed by ultrasonic calculus removal.

41 healthy patients completed the study. Following a split-mouth design, quadrants 1-4 and 2-3 were randomly allocated to receive air-polishing followed by ultrasonic calculus removal (A+US) or traditional full-mouth ultrasonic debridement followed by polishing with a rubber cup and prophylactic paste (US+P). Bleeding on probing (BoP) and Plaque Index (PI) were collected at baseline and 2 and 4 weeks. Moreover, the Residual Plaque Area (RPA), treatment time, and patient comfort/satisfaction were evaluated at the end of the treatment.

- Both treatments showed a significant reduction of BoP and PI. At 4 weeks A+US seems to reach a statistically significant lower BoP and PI.

- Moreover, A+US treatment time lasted on average 9,2% less than US+P and was the preferred treatment for a significantly higher number of patients.

In particular, the A+US protocol is suitable for the short-term resolution of plaque-induced gingivitis.

International Journal of Dental Hygiene