All About Happy Hypoxia in Covid-19
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What is Happy Hypoxia?

Blood Oxygen saturation (Spo2) for a healthy person remains in the range of 97 to 100% irrespective of age. (Child adult or old age). Hypoxia refers to a condition when the oxygen level in the blood drops below the average mark.

Whenever the oxygen (Spo2) falls below 94% (or even earlier) patients start feeling fatigue, air hunger, breathlessness (dyspnea), respiratory discomfort.

However, surprisingly patients of Covid pneumonia don't feel any air hunger, uneasiness even at very low levels of oxygen (Hypoxia) in blood. Even at Spo2 of 80%, these patients may be sitting quietly in OpD waiting for their turn. This situation is called Happy Hypoxia. Though it should be correctly referred to as Silent Hypoxia.

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