Allahabad' s famous doctor Ashwini Kumar Bansal shot dead in
Allahabad' s famous doctor Ashwini Kumar Bansal was shot dead by unknown assailants on Thursday. Dr Bansal is a renowned surgeon and the Director of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Ram Bagh.

The culprits pretended to be patients to enter the hospital and fired six shots at the doctor' s head and shoulder...
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Dr. M●●●l A●●n
Dr. M●●●l A●●n Paediatrics
Looks like venegaence of relatives who might not be happy with their keens outcome. incidents of violence against doctors are increasing. shame for country who can not handle it' s intellectual property with care
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A●●a A●●●●●●●i
A●●a A●●●●●●●i Critical Care Medicine
Its not one of the cases of violence against doctors by patients. read the article..its his political/business problem
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Dr. d●●●●k v●●●a
Dr. d●●●●k v●●●a Internal Medicine
Drs should develop own force.No one protects them.all unite to fight any one who so ever try to attack drs physically or otherwise
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