Altered behavior with an organic cause: a case report
Insulinomas are pancreatic endocrine tumors of rare incidence worldwide, the vast majority are of single occurrence and benign. These may not always present with the clear symptoms described in the literature and may be overlooked because their neuroglycopenic characteristics present in a fashion similar to some psychiatric conditions.

A 50-year-old Hispanic man referred severe psychomotor symptoms, described as anxiety, aggressiveness, agitation, weakness, diaphoresis, and decreased visual acuity. Laboratory testing performed during his last episode revealed increased insulin levels and C-peptide among other findings. Imaging, biopsy, and histopathologic analysis confirmed an insulinoma was the cause of the symptoms, proving the importance of ruling out organic causes of altered mental status prior to consideration of psychiatric disorders.

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019 13:192

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