Amelioration of sepsis by TIE2 activation-induced vascular p
Jayant Ramawat
Amelioration of sepsis by TIE2 activation-induced vascular protection.
Sepsis, or severe systemic inflammation caused by infection, has a high mortality despite the availability of antibiotic treatment, and more specific therapies are urgently needed. One of the difficult-to-treat and potentially life-threatening components of sepsis is vascular disintegration and leakage. Han et al. have discovered an antibody, called ABTAA, which binds to a ligand called angiopoietin 2 (ANG2) in the vasculature, but then activates it instead of blocking its activity like standard antibodies. When ABTAA binds to ANG2, it causes clustering of ANG2 and subsequently its receptor TIE2 at the site, and the resulting signaling cascade protects the vascular walls and blunts the damaging effects of sepsis, greatly increasing survival in mouse models of the disease.
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