Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma: A case report
Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO) is a rare, mixed odontogenic tumor that usually occurs in children and young adults with no gender predominance. Posterior mandibular region is usually involved and a painless swelling is the most common clinical feature.

Published in the J Oral Health Oral Epidemiol, the authors report a case of AFO in a 12-year-old girl with a complaint of a painful expansive lesion in the right posterior mandible. Radiographic examination showed a well-defined radiolucency containing radiopaque materials.

The second molar was displaced by the lesion. Enucleation was conducted and no recurrence was observed after 4 years of follow-up.

AFO is a benign expansive jaw lesion which develops in children. To treat AFO, proper surgical excision and curettage should be performed.

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