An Alternative Aortotomy Technique for Aortic Valve Replacem
Porcelain aorta (PA) is extensive calcification of the ascending aorta that can be completely or near completely
circumferential. This entity is rare in the general population, but it has an increasing incidence in older patients and in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) or aortic stenosis (AS).1 The conventional approach for treatment of severe AS is surgical aortic valve replacement (AVR), but the procedure can be technically challenging when the aorta is severely calcified. PA is still obstacle to safely completing AVR. The aim of this study is to describe an alternative surgery approach in patients with PA who underwent AVR and coronary bypass grafting. This technique can be applied to provide a solution to approaching...

A 67-year-old female with severe aortic stenosis and CAD (Left anterior descending-LAD- osteal stenosis) was referred our institution for surgery. She had a history of dispnea on exertion and angina pectoris for last three months. Type II Diabetes mellitus and hypertension were the comorbidities. There was no significant lab blood disorders expect