An Exceptional and Dangerous case! Lets find out.
Dr. Parmeet Singh
An Exceptional and Dangerous case! Lets find out.
A 7 year old male comes with chief complaint of abdominal pain for 4 days and loose motions 3 to 4 times for 4 days. He has a low grade fever. No history of nausea and vomiting. Physical examination is insignificant as abdomen is soft and non tender. Complete blood profile is done (see the image). A diagnosis of gastroenteritis is made and the patient is admitted to the hospital. Treatment is started with i.v. fluids Ringer Lactate. Cyclopam (Dicyclomine) is given to relieve the pain. But pain is not controlled throughout the night. So next day an abdominal ultrasound is ordered ( see images). Where do you think the thing is heading towards and what is the further management?
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Is the platelet count normal or decreased? and associated purpura or no? Malena + or absent? and any other associated signs or symptoms? ? HSP ? HUS
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LFT report
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