An Eye Test For Rs 50: This Assam Doctor Has Changed Nearly
“Assam is lagging when it comes to eye care services, and a bulk of cataract patients are being denied the gift of sight because of a lack of resources or affordability. I wanted to bridge that gap and being a doctor dedicating my life for such a cause was all I could think of,” says Dr Parveez, an ophthalmologist.

Back in 2007, after completing his graduation, he began to work in the civil hospital in Jorhat. It was during this time that he encountered a large number of cataract patients coming to the hospital every week.

“Among those patients, there were some with very low vision who had never opted for any corrective measures. This was due to the lack of proper facilities in general hospitals to conduct cataract surgeries. And, those that did it were really expensive, and so most people from lower-income groups could never even imagine coming out of their darkness,” he adds.

With zero experience in running social enterprises, he decided to take the plunge, and after almost four years, he was finally able to set up ERC. Soon in 2013, the received a sizable amount of investments, that allowed ERC to set up the vision centres in Assam-Jorhat, Borholla and Nakachari.

Today Parveez and his 150-member team have four hubs, four mobile vans and two vision centres all across Assam, that has helped more than 2 lakh patients so far.

“A total of 28,7000 people have benefitted from our work. Till date, we have conducted over 10,000 operations and have provided 88,000 eyeglasses to the patients who needed it, informed Parveez, who charges a fee of just Rs 50 for consultation.

Affordability is yet another factor that sets their clinic apart from the rest and attracts scores of people daily. One can buy a pair of glasses at the clinic for Rs 250 onwards, and the cost of surgeries starts from Rs 1000 only.

“It has never been about the money but about the people. They deserve to see, and as a doctor, it is my duty to use my skills to the best and help them. There comes a day when we work towards something that makes us happy. I was lucky to have found that out rather early,” he concludes.

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