An Ileo-ileal Intussusception Secondary to Polypoid Lipoma i
The present case has been reported in the International Journal of Surgery Case reports. A 4-years-old boy was referred to our emergency department complained of recurrent attacks of colicky abdominal pain and non-bilious vomiting 5 times in the previous 24 hrs. The child had an allergic rhinitis and recurrent attacks of gastroenteritis in the last four months. Upon presentation to our hospital, the child was conscious, alert, comfortable in bed, and his vital signs were stable.

Abdominal examination by inspection showed normal contour without abdominal distention and no bulging mass, with normal respiratory movement. By palpation, the abdomen was soft and lax, with no tenderness or rigidity and no palpable mass. PR examination revealed no palpable mass and an empty rectum without red currant jelly stool; the child had last defecated 12 hr before. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed target sign of intussusception. After a period of conservative treatment, the child passed normal coloured and well-formed stool.

Exploratory laparotomy referred a long segment ileo-ileal intussusception with a polypoid lipoma as a lead point. Microscopic examination showed a polypoid submucosal fatty tumour 4 × 2x2 cm in size covered with intact mucosa. Microscopic examination showed a benign non-capsulated intramuscular soft tissue tumour formed of lobules of mature fat cells separated by delicate fibrovascular trabeculae. The opposite small-intestinal mucosa was infiltrated by lymphocytes, plasma cells, and neutrophils. The final diagnosis was polypoid intramuscular lipoma of the ileum.

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