An Unusual Case of Transorificial Abdomino-Thoracic Impaleme
Impalement injuries are rare in the paediatric age group. Still rarer are injuries which traverse multiple body cavities. Such injuries require multispecialty management at a tertiary care centre. We describe a case of an accidental impalement injury in a 12-year-old boy after a fall from height. The rod was seen passing through the right lung in the paracardiac region, piercing the diaphragm and segment IV of the liver and then coursing anterior to the inferior vena cava in the midline. It was seen passing through the small bowel at multiple places and then coursing behind the bladder, entering the rectum and anal canal. Intra-operatively, right intercostal chest drain was inserted. At laparotomy, the liver was mobilized and a diaphragmatic tear of 2×1cm was visualized. The rod traversed through the right lobe of liver with no active bleeding. Both the entry and exit sites through the liver were visualized. The rod was also seen passing through the small bowel and its mesentery......