An anatomic aberration and a surgical challenge: Mediastinal
Ectopic parathyroid glands occur in 6–16% of cases of PHPT and they constitute a potential cause of failed primary surgical therapy. In particular, aberrant adenomas located deeper in the mediastinum, as in the presented case, remain a severe challenge for the surgeons.

A 54-year-old Caucasian female proceeded to our institution with signs and symptoms of PHPT. Imaging studies performed identified a large mass localized in the lower anterior mediastinum, on the left of the median line. A mid-sternal thoracotomy was performed and the aberrant adenoma was finally detected anterior to the pericardium and the left pericardiophrenic vessels and the left phrenic nerve. The operation was uneventful. A meticulous review of the literature was conducted as well.

Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

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