An asymptomatic swelling in the soft palate since 10 yrs: Wh
The present case has been published in the PAN African Medical Journal. A 75-year-old patient came to our observation for a follow-up visit. The presence of a big swelling on the soft palate was noticed and the patient reported the presence of this lesion for about 10 years.

At the dental level it was possible to see some residual dental elements and the result of recent dental extractions. The anamnesis reported slight hypertension, osteoporosis and difficulty in swallowing probably linked to the presence of swelling, which however was asymptomatic.

It was decided to perform an ultrasound exam to discover the nature of the injury. The ultrasound showed an echogenic area of 37 x 20mm in diameter, with a well-defined oval structure and borders, widely vascularize. The report was compatible with vascular injury.

The patient underwent surgery at a hospital, where the lesion was aspirated. The differential diagnosis is with an infection and inflammation, oral lymphoma, salivary glands tumors.

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It may be pleomorphic adenoma or muccoepidermoid carcinoma diagnosed by fnac or biopsy
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