An incidental finding or a clue to underlying malignancy...?
Dr. Abi Watts
An incidental finding or a clue to underlying malignancy...???
A 50-year-old obese female with known history of hypertension and diabetes is admitted to emergency department with acute sudden onset chest pain radiating to left jaw and shoulder. Further investigations confirm the diagnosis and treatment is started on lines of myocardial infarction.
After appropriate initial management, Intern on duty is asked to take a brief history and do relevant physical examination. He incidentally notes a reddish-purple nodule bulging from the umbilicus which is painless but hard in consistency and measures roughly 1 cm. Curious with what he found, he calls his professor who order further investigations to rule out what he thought was a sign of underlying malignancy.
what do you think it is? and what does professor wanted to rule out?
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Sister mery joseph nodule
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Metastasis of gastric carcinoma occurs to many sites umbilicus sister Mary Joseph nodule virchows node blumer shelf
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