An interesting case... guess the diagnosis !
An interesting case... guess the diagnosis !
A 60-year-old female patient reported to a clinic with the chief complain of continuous, dull- aching pain in left mandibular region.
Patient was healthy individual with no significant history.
History of extraction of infected left mandibular second premolar, first molar and second molar.
Attrition in relation to left mandibular first premolar and third molar. No soft tissue abnormality detected.
• CBCT Scan was performed with CS 9300 scanner.
• Imaging processing performed with CS 3DISW.
Gross Impression:
Teeth present: 31-32-33-34, 37, 41-42-43-44, 47-48 (mandibular jaw)
Digital radiography revealed:
• Generalized attrition was seen in relation to 31-32,41-42-43
• Periapical radiolucency was seen in relation to 37 (left mandibular second molar)
• Generalized radio-opaque masses surrounded by radiolucent rim was seen mesial to 37 and distal to 34, and in the periapical areas of 31-32-33, 41-42-43-44
The border of the lesion abutting the normal bone was distinct and contrasted with the trabeculation of the normal bone.

So the diagnosis ?
hint : Periapical radiograph demonstrated the pathognomonic, well circumscribed radio opaque mass of sclerotic bone with well-defined radio density.
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Benign cementoma
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Close enough ..but not exactly ! @Dr Anil.
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Nope ..not a cementoma ! @Kajal
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