An open globe injury secondary to a dog bite
Published in the Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Research, the authors describe a rare case of an open globe injury in a 75-year-old female secondary to a bite from a stray dog involving her face and right eye which had a large lid laceration and a full-thickness corneoscleral tear.

The visual acuity was reduced to the perception of light. There was circumcorneal as well as ciliary congestion. The cornea showed a 5 mm × 2 mm × 0.5 mm tear with surrounding corneal haze. The anterior chamber was shallow with a hyphema. There was no view of the iris, pupil, and lens.

The patient was given anti-rabies immunoglobulin infiltration as well as anti-rabies vaccine as per schedule. Stay sutures were placed for the scalp avulsion, and lid laceration and patient was taken to operation theater for corneoscleral suturing. The patient has been followed up 6 weeks after suturing. Visual prognosis remains poor.

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