An unusual case of stabbing chest pain: A case report
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The authors report a case of a middle-aged woman admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit due to suspected acute myocardial infarction. Multimodality imaging revealed the presence of an unusual intracardiac foreign body, located inside the interventricular septum and perforating towards the left atria, complicated by a small intracardiac fistula between septal coronary branches and the right ventricle. Analysis of previous exams revealed that a needle used to fix temporary epicardial pacing wires to the skin had been left inside the patient, beneath the level of the diaphragm, after cardiac surgery in 2018. This foreign body slowly migrated across the diaphragm, towards the mediastinum, finally lodging inside the heart, after a period of 3 years. The patient was referred to cardiac surgery for foreign body retrieval.