An unusual presentation of left atrial myxoma
Myxomas are rare benign primary cardiac tumors in pediatric age group presenting frequently in adult population from third to sixth decade of life. Although benign, they can be life-threatening because they manifest as large space-occupying lesions in the heart.

These tumors may cause disruption of the conduction pathways, obstruction of the inflow or outflow tracts and thromboembolic phenomena. If not diagnosed promptly, these benign tumors can be fatal in children.

Published in the International Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, the authors present a case of left atrial myxoma in an adolescent with rare presentation as a neurological emergency and indecently diagnosed as a case of left atrial (LA) myxoma by echocardiography done for hemodynamic instability detected in critical care unit.

Urgent surgical resection of myxoma was lifesaving with good results. This case emphasizes the importance of non-invasive diagnostic modality like bedside echocardiography as an important evaluation tool for diagnosing primary cardiac tumors like myxoma presenting as a rare cause of life-threatening neurological emergencies in pediatric patients.

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