And the winner of the #10YearChallenge is......📣📣📣
...Dr. Venkatesh Marupuri!!! Congratulations!!

We thank all of the participating doctors as well as students for an overwhelming response (Choosing the winner for sure wasn't easy)

While there were so many interesting challenge stories the one which left us in splits was,

#2009: Single, frustrated with no PG
#2019: Married, with PG and more frustrated

Your prize is on the way...keep a check on your mail ;)
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Dr. v●●●●●●●h m●●●●●●i
Dr. v●●●●●●●h m●●●●●●i Anaesthesiology
Thank you for the prize
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Dr. R●●●●I R●●●●N S●●●O
Dr. R●●●●I R●●●●N S●●●O General Management
Dr.Venkatesh, call me@09777619394
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