#AndIfellinLove : Confess your love for 'Medicine'!
With the day of love - Valentines Day celebrated today, we are sure that you have confessed how you feel for someone 'special'.

Continuing with the tradition (with a twist), it is your time to confess your love to your 'work' - the ever-lasting commitment!!

Share with us the time when you fell in love with Medicine in the comment section below.

So, let the confession begin!!!
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Dr. G●●●n M●●●l
Dr. G●●●n M●●●l Radiology
When someone says I wish I can become a doctor like you someday!
Feb 15, 2019Like5
D●●●●●k V●●●l
D●●●●●k V●●●l General Medicine
I was tired after a day long shift and at 2 AM when a child was delivered after a difficult labour, his cry relieved me of all my fatigue and I fell in love with my work!!!
Feb 15, 2019Like5
N●●●●●n F●●●a
N●●●●●n F●●●a General Medicine
I Fall in love with this profession everyday...every day when i see respect in the eyes of others...everyday when i go to sleep because of so tirednes, this tiredness give a peaceful sleep...
Feb 23, 2019Like