Aneurysmal femoral neck cyst: Report of a paediatric case an
Case report:
This is the child ‘GL’ 13-year-old, male, with no particular medical history, who was consulted with the Emergency Department of Pediatric Surgery at Aristide Le Dantec Hospital in Dakar for pain in the right thigh and lameness in the right lower limb.
The onset of these symptoms began about 1 month ago. During a football match, he had fallen down, causing pain and swelling in the inner side of the right thigh. The evolution was marked by a regression of the swelling and persistent mechanical pain. That motivated the parents to consult with our service for better management.
The admission examination found a good general and haemodynamic status, analgesic attitude (bent trunk on the right side), painful end proximal thigh on palpation, especially in the inner side. The amplitude of the hip motion was normal, except that the internal and external rotations, which were painful. The rest of the examination was normal....
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