Angiomyomatous hamartoma in a postauricular lymph node: a ra
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Angiomyomatous hamartoma (AMH) of the lymph node (LN) is an uncommon, benign vascular proliferation of unknown etiology.

A 33-year-old healthy male presented for evaluation of two subcutaneous nodules on his vertex scalp and right postauricular neck. He reported that both lesions arose in adolescence and grew over time. The lesion on the vertex scalp had been excised several years ago but had recently recurred. The postauricular lesion had no prior treatment. Both lesions were asymptomatic without history of inflammation or fluid drainage. On physical exam, there was a 7mm firm, non-tender, mobile subcutaneous nodule on the vertex scalp, and a 9mm firm, non-tender partially mobile subcutaneous nodule on the right postauricular neck, both without overlying punctum or skin discoloration.

The patient underwent excision of both lesions with local anesthesia. Grossly, the excised specimen from the scalp was firm, round, and pearly in color, consistent with a cyst, and histologic evaluation confirmed a diagnosis of pilar cyst. The postauricular neck specimen, however, was irregularly shaped, inelastic, and yellow to violaceous in color.

Histopathologic evaluation shows no features suggestive of malignancy. The lesion was subsequently diagnosed as AMH of a postauricular LN. Postoperative 7-month follow up demonstrated no evidence of recurrence.

The purpose of this report is to increase awareness of this benign vascular proliferation and highlight its benign clinical course and cure with surgical resection.