Antenatal glucocorticoids are widely used in obstetrics for
A 64-year-old woman, G16 P12, was admitted in December 2004, with an 8-month history of pelvic pain associated with minimal post coital bleeding, his Medical history was unremarkable. Examination was significant for a 3 cm, exophytic cervical lesion; biopsies confirmed a differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Patient preferred to have a radical hysterectomy. Surgical staging revealed a 6 cm of differentiated squamous cell cervical carcinoma with proximal left parametrial invasion, but no significant adenopathy, compatible with stage IIB. Following tumour board discussion the patient was scheduled to receive external radiation to the pelvis followed by brachytherapy to the tumor mass. Along with radiation, the patient was planned to receive Cisplatin, at the dose of 40 mg per square meters per week (mg/m2/week)...