Anterior Scleral and Limbal Inflammatory Necrosis After Adju
The purpose of this study was to report a retrospective case series of anterior scleral and limbal inflammatory necrosis after adjuvant miltefosine for recalcitrant Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK).

--4 eyes of 3 patients with recalcitrant AK developed anterior scleral and limbal inflammatory necrosis with significant scleral-limbal thinning after treatment with miltefosine.

--The average age was 38 years, and the average duration of infection before miltefosine treatment was 239 days. All cases required urgent surgical intervention to either prevent or mitigate corneal–limbal perforation.

Conclusively, when taken as an adjuvant therapy, has been shown to result in the resolution of AK. It may also cause an inflammatory necrosis of the anterior sclera and limbus to follow. This inflammatory reaction could be strong enough to result in scleral-limbal thinning and perforation.