Anterior cervical hypertrichosis with linear and whorled nev
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Anterior cervical hypertrichosis (ACH) is a very rare form of primary localized hypertrichosis. It is characterized by a tuft of terminal hairs on the anterior neck just above the laryngeal prominence. Although it frequently presents with an isolated defect, it can be associated with other abnormalities.

A 12-year-old female child presented with a small area of excessive hair over the anterior aspect of the neck. It was there since infancy. Her mother gave a history of her child having the same length of hairs since birth. She also complained of an irregular area of hyperpigmentation presented on the right cheek since birth. It was small in size at birth but slowly increased in irregular size, shape, and became more pigmented as the age advanced. There was no history of consanguinity. She was born with normal vaginal delivery.

On examination, multiple black terminal hairs were observed on the anterior aspect of the neck just above the laryngeal prominence. There was no hypertrichosis in other body regions. Dermoscopy (Dermlite 3 with ×10) was used to know the types of hairs that showed terminal hairs. On the other hand, there was a well-defined irregular hyperpigmented patch present in a linear and nevoid pattern on the right cheek extending from the malar region to just above the right mandibular line. Dermoscopy of the ill-defined hyperpigmented patch was done, and it showed a net-like pattern, multiple brownish rings, brown curved lines, and hypopigmented dots.

Based on the clinical findings, the diagnosis of ACH and linear whorled nevoid hyper melanosis was made.

laser treatment for hair removal is advised. With the successive 2 sittings of 808 nm diode laser, there was an 80% reduction in hair density and length . Parents were counseled about the course and prognosis of linear and whorled nevoid hypermelanosis (LWNH).