Antibodies in Recovered COVID-19 Patients may decline in 2-4
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Amidst the covid-19 crisis, plasma treatment has brought a ray of hope. However, a study published in the journal Blood found that antibodies in the plasma collected after the donor’s recovery from covid-19 start to disappear after three months of onset of the first symptoms.

This small study, which drew from 282 COVID-19 plasma donors in Quebec, Canada, followed 15 adults (11 males and 4 females) who were diagnosed with and subsequently recovered from COVID-19. While symptoms ranged from mild to severe, none of these donors were hospitalized for their COVID-19 infection.

Participants each donated their plasma between four and nine times with the first donation occurring between 33 and 77 days after symptom onset and the last donation between 66 and 114 days.


All 15 donors had a high number of antibodies in the beginning but started showing a decrease at around 88 days and within the next 21 days, the antibodies reduced to half.

Out of the 282 donors examined at the beginning of the study, around 7% did not have detectable antibodies even at the time of their first donation.

Furthermore, this proportion of people doubled when the donors waited for more than 11 to 12 weeks, since they first experienced COVID-19 symptoms, before donating the plasma.


The scientists concluded that since the antibodies in the donated plasma wane off within 2 to 4 months, the plasma donors must not wait for too long and donate their plasma as soon as they become eligible.

A person recovered from COVID-19 disease can donate plasma around 30 to 40 days after they first tested positive, as it is believed that they would have formed enough antibodies in their blood by that time.

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