Antibody Cocktail Reduces Viral Load In Patients With COVID-
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Regeneron’s antibody cocktail reduced viral load in patients with COVID-19, according to preliminary findings from a small study published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine.

“Our analysis suggests that an antibody cocktail against SARS-CoV-2 can also be an effective antiviral therapy enhancing viral clearance and thus leading to improved outcomes, particularly in patients whose own immune response to the virus is slow to initiate,” Daniel M. Weinreich, PhD, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Brown University, and colleagues wrote.

The analysis included results from 275 patients randomly assigned to receive either a placebo, 2.4g of REGN-COV2 or 8g of REGN-COV2. Weinreich and colleagues analyzed safety, time-weighted average changes in viral load from the baseline from day 1 to day 7, and the number of patients with one or more COVID-19-related medical visits through day 29.

Overall, the average difference in time-weighted change in viral load between both groups given REGN-COV2 vs. the placebo group on days 1 to 7 was -0.56 log10 copies/mL among patients who had no antibodies at baseline, and -0.41log10 copies/mL in the overall trial population, the team reported.

A total of 6% of patients given placebo and 3% of patients given REGN-COV2 reported at least one medically attended visit. In a subgroup of participants who were serum antibody-negative at baseline, the difference was larger: 15% in the placebo arm and 6% in the treatment arms reported a medically attended visit.

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