Antibody Response Higher In Recovered Single Dose Recipients
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A single dose of vaccine-elicited a higher neutralising antibody response among those who have recovered from Covid-19 than those who have never been infected, according to a study. The study titled ‘Immunological memory and neutralizing activity to a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine in previously infected individuals’ revealed higher memory cell response was seen in previously infected individuals.

Dr Duvvur Nageshwar Reddy of AIG Hospitals, who led the study, said: “We have studied vaccine response in those who haven’t got infected and those who are already exposed to the virus. Hospital staff as volunteers numbering 200 infected and 200 not exposed, took part in the study. Those who were already infected had better antibody response. While antibody stays for three months, the T Cell memory response will work for 12 months, which is long term. Our study found another interesting factor that T Cell memory in already infected individuals given vaccine is higher.”

Dr Reddy said that a single-dose Covid-19 vaccine in previously exposed individuals is an efficient strategy at the time country is facing vaccine shortage. “Among infected individuals, a single dose of vaccine from one month up to three months will be helpful. This study will pave the way for deciding on it,” said Dr Reddy.

This study published in the prestigious and peer-reviewed journal revealed that of the 280 individuals enrolled in the study, 131 were RT-PCR positive with mild to moderate disease. Of them, 50 required hospital admission. Prior to first dose of vaccination, all 131 (46.7%) were seropositive, and 149 (53.2%) were seronegative.

“Though a single-dose vaccine strategy is recommended for infected individuals, all the non-infected individuals are required to compulsorily take the second dose of vaccine,” researchers said.

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