Apple to spy on your snoozing, wants you to sleep better wit
Apple to spy on your snoozing, wants you to sleep better with it's new 'iSheet"
Apple is set to make an iSheet woven with strange sensors that monitor people's sleep, according to the firm's latest patent.

The multi-sensor sleep system includes a camera that analyses people as they snooze from above. According to the firm, this peculiar system could help people sleep better and also pick up hidden medical issues. According to the patent published by the US Patent & Trademark Office this week the bedding would connect to a touch-screen control panel.

This would display the sleeper's heart rate, breathing rate and temperature. It could also provide tips on how to get a better quality sleep. Typically, bulky systems are needed to monitor how people sleep which generally involve going to a special medical facility.

However, using miniature electrical sensors this Apple patent records physiological measurements from home, writesPatently Apple. The patent describes 53 'piezo' sensors on one duvet or cover, that would generate multiple electrical signals.

This means they can analyse the user's vital signs using data from multiple regions of their body. A camera could also oversee someone sleeping which the firm says would further improve sleep analysis.

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