Army Ants Are Being Used To Stitch Up Wounds In The Villages
The quote “Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention” comes to mind when I think of using army ants for sutures. It’s impressive that the villagers of Africa have found this small insect, that would be a nuisance in most cases, and turned it into something completely helpful and useful.

• This particular breed of ants is called the Dorylus. They are also known as driver ants, safari ants, or siafu. They’re basically large army ants which are typically found in central and eastern Africa, but sometimes can be found in Asia.

• Because of their strong jaws, they are used as emergency sutures, when nothing else is available. Often times, the smaller villages found in the Congo and around Africa will use them since band-aids aren’t necessarily available.

• They’ll hold the ant by the back part of their body, line up their jaws with the wound, then the army ant will bite using its jaws. Once the jaw has ‘sutured’ both sides of the wound, they’ll break off the body of the ant, leaving only the head and the jaws. This creates a natural suture that can be used in the wild if no other supplies are available.

• The suture itself can actually hold for days if needed and can be repeated if necessary to help with the healing.

• Army ants can be found in abundance at times. When their food supply runs low, they often will leave the hill they’re on and form columns that can contain up to 50,000,000 ants. These can cause disruption to some residents, especially those who are unable to move or when the columns go through their homes. They travel around the speed of 65 feet per hour.

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The principle of truthful, realistic & brainy living when used allows us & compels all of us to innovate when needed. This is how the phrase ' NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION' came. Wonderful news, but I had heard of the use of such ants is not today' s invention or discovery.
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Like the father of surgery, Acharya Sushruta did long back 5000 years ago. ?
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This has already been shown in famous Hollywood tribal movie “Apocalypto”
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