As India struggles with doctor shortage, govt gives a push t
Nursing professionals may soon be allowed to run autonomous clinics in India. At the behest of the government, the Indian Nursing Council, the regulatory body for nurses and their education, is preparing a draft bill to amend a 1947 act which will bring nurse practicing rights in the country up to global standards.

The programme may allow nurse practitioners (registered nurses educated to a master’s degree level) to prescribe medicines for primary care and conduct invasive procedures in the presence of senior doctors. It is also expected to institute a new examination process to issue nursing licences.

Once the draft bill is ready, it will be sent to the ministry of health and family welfare for approval and introduction in Parliament. The council is likely to send the draft in the next three months.

With nurse-led clinics, the idea is to increase the scope for nurses to practice more autonomously and to develop and apply advanced practice. The move is in line with the government’s vision of raising a non-MBBS cadre in certain fields to combat the shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas.

The government has already introduced an amendment in the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, a wide-ranging legislation for reform in medicine, to allow nurse practitioners to prescribe medicines. The amendment has been cleared by the union cabinet.

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I am a medical student at Annamalai University, my opinion is comparatively Msc nursing the doctor of pharmacy people are more knowledged about medicine and about disease also. how I am telling means : in ward rounds the doctor of pharmacy people performing that much. here in Annamalai medical College hospital and RMMCH the both doctors MBBS and pharmD learning together and providing services together. in future both doctors should be in one clinic that' s mandatory , that' s good for the patient because we can provide very better treatment like USA , Canada , Europe, Australia.... Read more
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Its quite an irony to the bridge course introduced by the AYUSH ministry,which is not yet accepted. is the govt mocking its own self.
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Government should allow to practice Dental surgeon.He has read all subjects except gynae and ophthalmology. if he or she is working with MBBS doctors than it is alright
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