As a doctor have you heard of a 'Health Resume'?
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A woman created a 'health resume' to bring to her doctor's appointments, and doctors think it's genius.

When you think of a resume, you likely think of a piece of paper that outlines your work history. But a North Carolina writer and mom of six named Shannon Dingle recently reimagined the resume as a health document that could make your next trip to the doctor less stressful.

On Tuesday, Dingle, shared a tweet with an image of her "health resume," a document she created to outline her medical history (including previous surgeries and diagnoses), health and treatment goals, and a bit about her family and personal life. Dingle created the document using a standard Microsoft Word resume template.

"This is a new thing I'm doing with medical appointments: organizing all my info in one place and demanding to be seen as a full person. I'll let you know how it goes," Dingle wrote in the tweet.

"I'm a therapist and this will be a great suggestion for when I have clients with severe PTSD," or post-traumatic stress disorder, one person said. Dingle replied, saying her own PTSD was a reason she decided to create the document in the first place.

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Not practical in India
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It can work as a guideline for patient but doubt if its going to be of much help, PTSD disorder demands that one listen to the patient to relieve the stress,people want to be heard and the world does' nt have time. A shoulder to cry, a warm hand for reasssurance, a patient listener,
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