As mercury dips, Chennai sees spurt in respiratory diseases
As the rain continues to tease and the mist plays hide and seek, doctors are seeing a spike in respiratory ailments and a dip in gastrointestinal and mosquito-borne infections that are usual for this time of the year.
Fewer children, who are usually the first victims of an outbreak, are making a beeline outside doctors' chambers. "There has been at least a 25% drop in fever and flu cases this year compared to the last five years," said Dr S Balasubramanian senior consultant, department of paediatrics at Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital. He said even the few cases that have trickled in the last one month haven't been serious.
Most vector-borne cases like dengue and malaria are reported during the northeast monsoon period (October-December). However, this year, owing to rainfall being erratic, there has been a drop....