Ascending Aorta Hydatid Cyst Presenting as Pseudoaneurysm
A 42-year-old cattleman with the history of close contact
with dogs referred to our center for evaluation of cardiac
pathology due to complains about delirium, dyspenea, and
reduced conciseness. On the initial evaluation, he appeared
alert. Although aphasic, he nodded appropriately to
questions. The remainder of the neurological exam was nonremarkable.
Aphasia slowly improved over several days.

The patient was able to recount that his symptoms began
with right upper-extremity weakness that progressed to
right hemiparesis and inability to verbalize his feeling and
pain. Then, the patient developed right-sided neurological
findings. The neurological examination of the patient also
revealed right hemiplegia. Thus, the patient was referred to
our hospital from a neurology ward with the diagnosis of
transient neurological attack....