Aspirin Beneficial In Treating Migraine Headaches: Study
Aspirin is relatively safe and economical as compared to other prescription medications and hence can be considered as an additional option by the primary health care providers for the management of migraine headaches, suggests a study published in The American Journal of Medicine.

Migraine headaches are very common affecting millions of people worldwide. They are considered one of the most debilitating disorders encountered by primary healthcare providers. In the treatment of acute migraine and the prevention of recurrent attacks, there are many prescription drugs of proven benefit. However, for those without health insurance or high co-pays, these drugs may be neither available nor affordable and, for all patients, they may be either poorly tolerated or contraindicated.

A study was conducted by Biglione B et. al to examine the favourability of Aspirin in the treatment of Migraine headaches. The researchers conducted randomized control trials wherein the selected participants were randomly assigned to either high-dose aspirin group (900-1300 mg) or control group.

The findings of the study are as follows:

~ The totality of the evidence, which includes data from randomized trials, suggests that high-dose aspirin, in doses from 900 to 1300 mg, taken at the onset of symptoms, is an effective and safe treatment option for acute migraine headaches.

~ In addition, the totality of the evidence, including some, but not all, randomized trials suggest the possibility that daily aspirin, in doses from 81 to 325 mg, may be effective and safe treatment option for the prevention of recurrent migraine headaches.

~ The researchers concluded that owing to the relatively favorable side effect profile of aspirin and extremely low costs compared with other prescription drug therapies may provide additional options for primary healthcare providers in the treatment of both acute and recurrent migraine headaches.

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