Association between Electronic cigarette use in Children and
The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) among adolescents is increasing worldwide. E-cigarettes are marketed as a Safe alternative to other tobacco products. The aim of this systematic review is to evaluate whether e-cigarette use in children and adolescents is associated with coughing.

Studies were identified through systematic searches of Excerpta Medica Database. Selected studies either contained only children and adolescents as study participants or if adults were included, the data for adolescents and children must be presented separately.

--7 studies were selected from 104.
3 studies compared e-cigarette users with nonusers; 2 studies found a significant association between coughing and e-cigarette use in adolescence.

--2 studies investigated whether adolescents attributed their symptoms to their e-cigarette use.

--1 study reported that coughing was the most likely negative symptom reported by adolescents on initiation of e-cigarette use; the other study found that adolescents, on initiation of e-cigarette use, reported coughing.

--2 studies looked at the cases of children and adolescents who had presented to the hospital after e-cigarette use and found coughing was a common presenting symptom.

In conclusion, teenage e-cigarette use is associated with increased coughing, and e-cigarette users are more likely to report coughing than non-users, according to this systematic study.