Association between vaping and untreated caries
With the rise in the prevalence of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) and vaping products and the emergence of evidence indicating their cariogenic potential, dental professionals should be informed about the potential oral health implications.

The authors obtained data from the 2017-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and investigated the outcome variable—untreated caries—using oral health examination data. A total of 4,618 participants were included in the analyses for this cross-sectional study.

The authors applied multiple logistic regression analyses to assess the association between untreated caries and smoking (cigarette smoking, vaping, and both) while controlling for education, race or ethnicity, income, age, sex, and time since the previous dental visit.

- Participants who currently smoked e-cigarettes were more likely to have untreated caries than those who had never smoked when adjusted for demographic variables.

- Similarly, dual smokers (e-cigarette and conventional smokers) were more likely to have untreated caries compared with nondual smokers.

Conclusively, both vaping and dual smoking is associated with an increased occurrence of untreated caries.

The Journal of American Dental Association