Association of Phthalate exposure and airway dysfunction, wi
Phthalates can cause respiratory and immunological disorders. Researchers investigated the mediating role of serum periostin and YKL-40 levels biomarkers in the relationship between phthalates and airway dysfunction.

A total of 487 children were examined. Four high-molecular-weight phthalate (HMWP) [4HMWP] metabolites and 3 low-molecular-weight phthalate (LMWP) [3LMWP] metabolites in urine samples were measured. Serum periostin and YKL-40 levels were measured. Airway function was measured using impulse oscillometry. A mediation model was used to quantify the mediating effects of periostin and YKL-40 on airway dysfunction.

--After adjustment for height, gender, BMI z-score, aeroallergen sensitization, secondary smoking, and vitamin D level, the level of urinary 3LMWP metabolites was significantly associated with respiratory system resistance at 5 Hz.

--The levels of urinary 4HMWP and 3LMWP metabolites were significantly associated with periostin level, but not with YKL-40 level.

--In addition, the periostin level was associated with Rrs5 and Rrs20-5.

--Serum periostin level had a significant effect in mediating the relationship between 3LMWP and Rrs5 (13.9%)

An increased blood periostin level was partially responsible for the association between exposure to LMWPs and airway dysfunction.