Avascular Necrosis Cases Reported In COVID Recovered Patient
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After the outbreak of black fungus or mucormycosis among patients who recovered from coronavirus (Covid-19), avascular necrosis (AVN) has reportedly been detected in three patients in Mumbai. These patients - all aged under 40 - were treated at Mumbai’s PD Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, after they developed AVN two months since their Covid-19 treatment.

Both AVN and mucormycosis have been associated with the usage of steroids. Recently, Dr Sanjay R Agarwala of Hinduja Hospital published a paper named ‘Avascular necrosis as part of Covid-19’ in the medical journal ‘BMJ Case Studies’ wherein along with doctors Mayank Vijayvargiya, and Prashant Pandey, he detailed the course of AVN diagnosis in the three patients.

He stated that one patient – aged 36 was found with AVN 67 days since the diagnosis of Covid-19, while the other two – aged 39 and 37, were diagnosed with the condition 57 and 55 days later. All the patients were administered intravenous steroids as part of their Covid-19 treatment. Besides, the patients aged 36 and 37 didn’t have any history of hip pain.

At present, avascular necrosis (AVN) as a sequalae of ’long COVID-19’ has yet not been documented. By large-scale use of life-saving corticosteroids in COVID-19 cases, we anticipate that there will be a resurgence of AVN cases,” the paper by Dr Agarwala stated.

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