Ayurveda doctors can’t do surgery in hospitals: MCI
Can Ayurveda practitioners perform surgeries? Those trained to perform surgeries can do it everywhere, says Ayush ministry, while medical education regulator Medical Council of India (MCI) says they cannot in hospitals for modern medicine.

Following a Central Information Commission order in June asking the Ayush ministry “to clarify upon the issue of entitlement and extent of practitioner of India system of medicine to perform surgeries lawfully”, the ministry said surgeries were a part of Ayurveda curriculum.

“They can perform whatever is in their syllabus, but there are obviously certain exceptions. They cannot perform all procedures, including certain major surgeries. For more clarity, we are drawing up a list of do’s and don’ts so we can convince the MCI,” said Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, secretary Ayush.

Ayush ministry sought MCI approval, which was refused.

“We have refused as under MCI rules, crosspathy (mixing different methods of medicine) isn’t allowed. MCI’s stand is quite clear on this; Ayurveda surgeons cannot be mainstreamed. Surgery and associated procedures are part of modern medical science; whatever these practitioners are taught as part of their curriculum, cannot be allowed to be practices in allopathic hospitals,” said Dr Reena Nayyar, secretary, MCI.

In March, the Parliamentary Standing Committee reviewing the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017, also recommended against Ayush doctors practising allopathy after completing a short-term course.

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What is the exact reason as to why MCI has rejected it?
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Dr. S●●●a R●o B●●●●●●●u
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It is not the question of ability to do alone. One can learn anything from practice. Quacks are performing surgeries. Does the curriculum include training to be a surgeon? Does it include associated learning processes? Knowledge of Anatomy, Surgical anatomy, Surgical pathology, Respiratory Physiology, Anesthesia, current training methodologies, the advanced technology associated, recognition of complications and how to get over them and above all When What and How to plan. perform, and take care of the patient. If the board of Ayurveda feels the system has the expertise, built a curriculum and has adequate accreditation procedure and implement it, let it decide. It is the public who wants to choose to decide, why should allopathists discuss it.... Read more
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If they will do surgery, then they have to give Ayurvedic medicines after surgery for wound healing. If patients are agreed, then it is possible...
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