Ayush council proposes Govt to allow ayurveda practitioners
The central council of Indian medicine (CCIM) under the Ayush ministry has proposed an amendment to the preconception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994 to allow Ayurveda doctors to perform sonography and imaging tests on patients.

This has been strongly opposed by the Indian radiology association which has decided to move the court. The proposed amendments were sent to the health and family welfare ministry on September 19 this year.


Dr Vanitha R, CCIM national president, said the amendment would be most beneficial to rural patients where there is a dearth of doctors and where Ayurvedic doctors practice in large numbers. “The 11 executive committee members had a detailed discussion in this regard on August 27 and we have chalked out our proposal,” said Dr Vanitha.

The central council of Indian medicine has 80 members across the country and is empowered to recommend cancellations of registrations of any Ayurveda doctor or a college. The council is also responsible for registrations of Ayurveda colleges across the country and works on par with the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Revolutionary step?

Dr Kuldeep Kohli, director, Ayush (Maharashtra) said, “Given the dearth of radiologist and sonologist in India, more than 50% machines are being shut down in the country due to misuse. It is important that doctors from other branches of medicine forms are given permission to practice radiology and sonology. Allowing Ayush doctors to perform sonography under amended PCPNDT Act would be a revolutionary step.”

Sharp opposition!

The proposed amendment has been strongly opposed by the Maharashtra state branch of Indian radiological and imaging association (MSBIRIA) who have decided to knock the doors of the Bombay high court.

Read more: https://www.hindustantimes.com/pune-news/sonography-rights-to-ayurveda-docs-not-acceptable-say-radiologists/story-NyoiKKixr7dzrujQIMuloK.html
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