BEST BODY LIFT SURGERY IN INDIA Attractive bodies are the on
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Dr. Prerna Mittal
Attractive bodies are the ones with well-contoured shape. Smooth curves are always welcome. Determination and persistence in dieting and regular exercises pays off in helping lose a drastic amount of extra weight. However, the dream body remains out of reach for many despite severe weight loss. The excess, loose skin and some stubborn fat cells remain obstacles in your journey to get your body into a healthy and attractive shape. Many men and women attempt topical treatments to get rid of excess skin which is simply impractical.

Only a cosmetic treatment, such as body lift surgery, can help you achieve your dream body, especially after severe weight loss.

What is a Body Lift Surgery?
Cosmetic body lift surgery is in reality a collection of several smaller aesthetic-enhancing cosmetic surgical treatments that are combined to reshape your body into a slimmer and shapely form.

A conventional body lift surgery aims to remove the extra, loosened skin and get rid of stubborn fat deposits from all over your body. The full body lift procedure requires the cosmetic surgeon to use the liposuction technique to remove small but stubborn fat deposits from around your neck, chest, sides, arms, thighs, buttocks and calves.

If you have excessive and loose skin with small fat deposits in specific parts of your body, then the cosmetic surgeon may recommend you to undergo an upper body lift (to improve neck, arms and chest area), a mid-body lift (to reshape your torso, abdomen and hips) or lower body lift (to correct thighs, buttocks and legs). If you have unwanted, excess skin and fat deposits almost all over your body, then the cosmetic surgeons usually recommend undergoing a full body lift surgery.

Who can undergo a Body Lift surgery?
Men and women of adult age with significantly good skin elasticity and are overall healthy are considered to be candidates for body lift surgery when they wish to reshape their bodies into a more defined and attractive shape.

It is highly recommended to contact a renowned cosmetic clinic and schedule a consultation appointment with an expert cosmetic surgeon to help ensure that you are an ideal candidate for a body lift surgery.

There are numerous parameters that cosmetic surgeons focus on to determine if an individual is fit to undergo cosmetic body lift surgery. Some of the factors that help identify an ideal candidate for body lift surgery are:

Small-sized fat deposits around your neck, chest, arms, sides, thighs, buttocks, etc with excessively hanging skin.
Free of any underlying medical condition that may increase the risk of complications after a cosmetic surgery.
Having realistic and practical expectations with the results of cosmetic body lift surgery.
Willing to lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain the noticeable results of the body lift surgery.
The cosmetic surgeon will normally discuss the risks and rewards of body lift surgery after a few tests approve that you fit the criteria of an ideal candidate for the cosmetic surgery.

How successful is a Body Lift surgery?
Cosmetic body lift surgery, when performed by expert cosmetic surgeons, has an incredibly high rate of success. Tens of thousands of patients from all over the world travel to India and undergo extremely successful and completely satisfactory body lift surgeries every year.

Leading cosmetic clinics in India, such as Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab offer the best and most affordable cosmetic surgery in India. Using a range of advanced cosmetic surgical equipment, the team of experienced surgeons uses their immense skill and transform men and women with a new, attractive body shape.