BMC to start AI-based voice tests within a week to detect Co
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After conducting antigen and antibody testing, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is set to diagnose citizens for Covid-19 on the basis of their sound waves.

By the next week, the civic body will commence the non-invasive voice analysis of suspected and confirmed Covid-19 patients.

Results of the analysis can indicate the presence of the virus in 30 seconds, and those testing positive will undergo an RT-PCR swab test to confirm if they are infected.

How it works?

When the symptoms of Covid-19 manifest, a patient starts developing breathing problems, which impact voice modulations. Depending on its variations, an expert.

The app will analyse voices of three types of individuals — suspected, positive and negative patients. Depending on their vocal biomarkers (VB), they will be diagnosed.

For example, if a person’s VB is below the standard point (0.5), the person will be considered as negative. But if anyone records VB above it, the person will be considered a suspected patient and undergo RT-PCR test for a confirmed result.

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This seems a little too much🤔
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False positive cases will rise in number. And stigmatized...
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We don' t know it' s reliability
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